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photo shoot & retouching

Let's create unique and high quality photos for your website, social media, or print!

Mainly operating in and around Zurich, Switzerland, I am delighted to discuss projects in other areas and countries.

Whether you are a private person, artist, sports person, an organization, small or big business - I am excited to share emotions, capture memories and create unique images with you!

Where will the shooting take place?

Regarding location I am quite flexible. Usually, I prefer to shoot outdoors in nature. I mainly operate in and around canton of Zurich, however, I am open to other places, too. 

For a better understanding of your preferences in location (also if a studio is needed) I am happy to discuss and assist you with my ideas and experience.

How much does a photo shoot cost?

The final prices depend very much on your needs and wishes. 

In a non-binding exchange we will discuss your wishes so I can send you a tailored offer. Feel free to contact me anytime.

How will the photo shoot look like?

On the day of the shooting we will meet on the location chosen by you. Depending on our discussions beforehand we might arrange some accessoires for the shoot. We will then take enough time to shoot all the pictures - I will make sure there is enough time for taking the pictures. Even more when shooting with animals - as they need breaks after focusing and work.


What happens after the photo shoot?

After the shoot I will make a selection of the photos, I will touch them moderately & professionally and will then make the photos available for you online or on a USB stick - depending on preference and availability. The amount of photos varies from shooting to shooting but I will make sure to meet and satisfy your expectations.

The time and progress of work depends usually on the amount of work. I am happy to give you a rough estimate after the shoot.


Prints, extra retouching or further image processing upon agreement. I am happy to assist you with further needs.

Get in touch for a non-binding exchange and your tailored offer.

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